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Driving School Services


Teen Segment 1 + Segment 2  |  $300

Our Segment 1 and Segment 2 teen classes are offered as a package at a discounted price of $300.  This includes BOTH courses. Segment 1 is not sold separately. PLEASE NOTE:  **Students are not officially enrolled until a deposit of $150 or full payment of $300 is received.** There are NO partial refunds for a student who reaches 18 before eligible for Segment 2.

Teen Segment 2  |  $50

Students who have completed Segment 1, have a documented driving log of at least 30 hours (2 hours of nightime driving) and have had a Level 1 License for atleast 90 days are ready to enroll in a Segment 2 course. The $50 fee is only applicable to students who did not complete Segment 1 at Wheel to Drive.



Private Lessons  |  $50

Private instruction is offered to those who wish to learn to drive or brush up on road skills.  It is also a perfect option for international drivers learning the rules of the road.  It is available for both teens and adults looking for additional practice driving. Each lesson is one hour long.  You can not book private lessons online. Please call the office so we can tailor lessons to your specific needs.  Pick up and drop off can be arranged within the city limits for an additional fee.


Driver Rehabilitation Services

We offer consultation and driving assessments for the aging driver and those with disabilities. In addition, mobility evaluations and training are available for those who may require hand controls or other specialized equipment. Please call our office for more information.


                                We do not offer the road test at this time.

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